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How to Choose Right Water Treatment Blowers?

Author: YUTONG Time: 2018-05-31 16:13:59

In the sewage treatment activated sludge process, an aeration blower with suitable air volume and pressure is used to continuously infuse air into the sewage, so that the water in the pool is in contact with air and oxygenated. And the liquid is agitated to accelerate the combination between the oxygen in the air and the liquid, preventing the suspensoid in the pool sink, strengthening the contact among organic matters, microbes and dissolved oxygen in the pool. In this way, oxygen breathing organic matters and microbes oxidizes and decomposes organic matter in the sewage. And the aeration blower used in water treatment is called water treatment blower.


Water treatment blowers basically have the following two major categories:

1) Positive displacement blower: Rotary blower, Roots blower

2) Centrifugal blower: vortex fan, multi-stage centrifugal fan, single-stage high-speed centrifugal fan, water ring fan

Notices for selecting water treatment fans:

1) Applicability of water treatment blowers: When the sewage treatment system is newly started, the system pressure is basically within the design range. But with time, due to the clogging of the aeration hole, the rust of the valves and pipes, etc., system resistance increases. In this respect, positive displacement blowers perform much better than centrifugal blowers because the flow of positive displacement blowers is a hard characteristic. When the resistance of the external system increases, the outlet pressure also increases, and the gas is discharged when the flow rate is almost constant (In the case where the fan strength and motor power are satisfied); but pressure is a hard characteristic for centrifugal fans, the air volume decreases with the increase of the resistance, and it cannot be aerated when the resistance increases to a certain pressure.

2) Water treatment blowers need to be energy saving: The energy consumed by water treatment blowers in the entire sewage treatment project accounts for more than half of the energy consumed by the entire system, so the selection of the fan is particularly important.

3) The water treatment blowers need to be low-noise: The sewage treatment is to protect the environment, and it can not bring secondary pollution to the environment. Therefore, the noise of the water treatment blowers must be seriously considered during blower selection.


Explosion-proof blowers promote better development of our industry

At present, from the perspective of the market momentum of China's cleaning equipment, while we, blower companies, continuously improve, domestic demand continues to grow rapidly. And the continual development of our country's high-voltage equipment also motivates major companies. Therefore, explosion-proof high pressure fan the most important device in China’s cleaning equipment.

Because the cleaning equipment is a special equipment for cleaning and drying the surface of the product, larger fan principle is used and thus causes some challenges for the equipment. The explosion-proof blower has laid a solid foundation for the development of energy-saving and high-efficiency production in China.

Whether it is high-pressure explosion-proof fan equipment or cleaning equipment, only the equipment that focuses on long term growth can meet market demand. So cleaning equipment are gradually used and applied to the lives of Chinese citizens. Therefore, China’s cleaning equipment will be better and better.

Nowadays, the sewage treatment equipment industry plays a key role in the development of energy conservation in China, and the explosion-proof high-pressure blower is a fan equipment that has long been dedicated to the field of sewage treatment. The industry prospect is very broad. Now, with their strong technical force, high-pressure fans have been developed in the fields of sewage treatment, chemical engineering, building materials, transportation, and other industries. This has played a good leading role for other types of fan equipment and has accelerated the development of domestic fan industry.

In fact, the development of domestic fan industry companies is not easy. The fan industry has always been at the most traditional stage of development with insufficient experience and technology R&D. In recent years, problems occur frequently during blowers’ operation due to the fact that most blower companies habitually consider expanding the scale of their businesses as the key “weapon” of the market and ignore the improvement of blower quality.

In the huge domestic blower market, brand and quality can better demonstrate the strength of a company. Big company scale with relatively inferior blowers cannot secure one’s position in the blower industry. Explosion-proof blower companies should place priority on independent blower innovation, quality improvement, which will naturally lead to scale expansion. The future of blower industry is broad and promising. YUTONG is committed to providing high-tech, energy saving and high-efficiency high-pressure quality fans for all our clients.