Cement Industry

Author: YUTONG Time: 2018-05-31 16:44:59

Cement industry is one of the industries YUTONG BLOWER is best at, YUTONG BLOWER has various types of blowers tailored for different applications in cement production line: air supply of rotary kiln fan, materials handling, cooling grate coolers, cooling rotary kiln cylinder body, air inducing at high temperature and dust removal etc.

In the case of high temperature, the fan impeller’s wear-resistant materials and structure are the key technology to high-temperature wear-resistant fans. Over years of research, YUTONG Company’s R&D Department has developed a highly efficient and energy-saving wear-resistant materials for direct-plate-shape front plates. With their blades detachable, such fans’ impellers are made of high-temperature wear-resistant plates with 5 times longer service life than ordinary impellers, so such fans enjoy much longer service life than other domestic fans and easier and lower-cost replacement of wear-resistant plates.