Yutong fans are widely used in paper-making, gas and material handling, building materials, industrial boilers, cement, metallurgy, power generation, environmental protection, general ventilation, chemical industry, waste treatment, etc

Over 30 Sets of YUTONG Heavy-duty Centrifugal Fans in Metallurgy Industry

Author: YUTONG Time: 2018-06-11 17:08:56

YUTONG has provided over 30 sets of heavy-duty centrifugal fans for industrial boilers, precipitators, desulfurization and denitrification plants, etc. used in metallurgical plants and steel production lines for Erdos Metallurgical (Group) Co., Ltd., the world's largest ferroalloy production base, during the past decades’ cooperation. Among them are blowers with maximum air capacity of 850,000m³/h, maximum pressure of 8,000pa, maximum impellers diameter of 3.2m and net weight of 30.7T.

At the same time, many YUTONG blowers are used in the large-scale industrial construction projects in many countries in Europe (like Russia) and other continents.