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Henan Province, Central China, Xinxiang Yutong EP Blower Co., Ltd. is a domestic leading manufacturer in developing, manufacturing and sales of Industrial Centrifugal Fans and Axial Flow Fan
Drying Equipment Supporting Fan

Drying Equipment Supporting Fan

•Large flow low pressure fan
•Backward curved single / double vane design 
•Low noise, high efficiency, stable performance 
•ST series fan are customized by YUTONG for various types of vegetable drying equipment. Over the years, such fans are widely used in supporting various drying equipment and environmental-protection dust removal equipment suitable for such fans' performance. 
•Blower number scope: 2.8 ~ 20 (customizable according to your needs)
•Air capacity: 3684 ~ 196750m³ / h
•Full pressure: 220 ~ 3202Pa  
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